EZ-MAX® Plus Relay Panel Solutions

Contractor-Friendly, Quick-to-Install Relay Control Relay Panels
EZ-MAX Plus relay lighting control panels deliver power and performance in compact and cost-effective 8-circuit and 16/24-circuit models. EZ-MAX Plus is the ideal solution for smaller, stand-alone applications that do not require complex field configuration or advanced networking features. Low-voltage inputs allow connection of photo­cells, occupancy sensors, low-voltage switches and digital switches for a comprehensive yet easily installed energy management solution.


Code Compliance the EZ Way
EZ-MAX Plus makes California Title 24 2013 and ASHRAE 90.1 2010 compliance simple and cost-effective. Code-compliant features packed into the EZ-MAX Plus line meet numerous stand-alone, centralized lighting control standards. All EZ-MAX Relay Control Panels are UL/cUL listed.


  • Section 130.1(a) - Area Controls - Manual ON/OFF
  • Section 130.1(c) - Shut-Off Requirements - Occupancy Control
  • Section 130.1(d) - Daylighting
  • Section 130.2(c) - Controls for Outdoor Lighting, Part-Night


  • Section 9.4.2 Automatic Receptacle Control
  • Section Automatic Shutoff
  • Section Space Control
  • Section Parking Garage Control
  • Section & Automatic Daylight Control
  • Section Additional Control
  • Section Exterior Lighting Control
  • Section 9.4.1 Lighting Controls
  • Section 9.4.4 Functional Testing

For more on EZ-MAX Plus code and standard compliance capabilities, visit Leviton.com/title24, Leviton.com/ashrae and Leviton.com/emcodes.


  • Design provides easy installation and less cost in labor, time and materials
  • Standard 30A relay card allows more lighting loads and requires fewer breakers, fewer exiting circuits, less conduit and less labor cost
  • Compact design—4/8-circuit model (13”x13”)
  • Contractor-friendly wiring eliminates complicated wiring
  • Faster installation time increases profitability
  • Simple to configure with easy programming using the LCD screen
  • Easy standard programming configurations for occupancy sensors, photocells and more
  • Easy astronomical setup, time clock and sunrise/sunset scheduling with a built-in astronomical time clock (ATC)—includes 101 major cities and states pre-programmed
  • Easily integrates with Leviton energy management products for a comprehensive yet easily installed energy management solution
  • Easily meet code compliance requirements and program lights to turn on with a photocell and turn off with a time clock from sunset to sunrise
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EZ-MAX Plus Relay Control Panels


The EZ-MAX® Plus series of relay panels from Leviton feature astronomical time clocks, easy standard programming configurations, a compact design and contractor-friendly wiring.

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